AIGN Reports, Submissions, Papers and related documents.

AIGN Submission SGM - September 2018

AIGN submission on the Exposure draft amendments to the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Safeguard Mechanism) Rule 2015.

September 2018

Australian Climate Change Policy  

AIGN NEG ESB submission (June 2018)

AIGN submission to the Commonwealth Government on the NEG draft detailed design for consultation – Commonwealth elements (June 2018).

June 2018

Australian Energy Policy  

AIGN Submission SGM - March 2018

AIGN Submission to the Emission Reduction Fund Safeguard Mechanism Consultation Paper

March 2018

Australian Climate Change Policy  

ANU-Trade implications for carbon pricing

Dr Andy Stoeckel, Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, ANU. The microeconomics of trade competition, both import competing and exports. How does the broad range of government policy impact on the trade competitiveness of firms and how is Australia travelling? The issue of carbon pricing and trade exposure in an imperfect world.

April 2015

International Policy  

AIGN Review of 10 years of carbon policy - Aug 2015

This document briefly canvasses the climate change policy environment that has applied over the past decade, lessons learnt, and the appropriate policy approaches required for sustainable investment in reducing emissions.

August 2015

Australian Climate Change Policy