Media Releases

  • AIGN Media Release_Treasury modelling_09092011.pdf
    Media release regarding CIE Report for AIGN: Notes on “Strong Growth Low Pollution”: Modelling and related issues (140kB PDF file uploaded 09/09/2011)

  • AIGN Media Release_Mid-year Budget Forecasts Undermine Australia’s Copenhagen Negotiations .pdf
    5 November 2009 “Treasury’s mid-year budget forecasts for CPRS revenue condemn Australians to paying four times more than Europeans for the same global emissions outcome”, Michael Hitchens, CEO of the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN) said today. (88kB PDF file uploaded 05/11/2009)

  • The Road to Copenhagen_Media Release AIGN 23092009.pdf
    AIGN Media Release: The Australian Industry Greenhouse Network today called for more information to be released by the Government to inform a national interest debate about Australia’s fair share of an international effort to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. (272kB PDF file uploaded 23/09/2009)

  • AIGN Media Release_Tougher emissions targets cost more.pdf
    AIGN Media Release: Tougher emissions targets cost more. The Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN) today released a report by Access Economics challenging the view that tougher greenhouse gas emission reduction targets need not cost Australians more than lower targets. (237kB PDF file uploaded 18/11/2008)


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