Promoting sustainable industry development

AIGN is a network of industry associations and individual businesses which contribute to the climate change policy debate and see value in joint industry action on climate change in order to promote sustainable industry development.

What we do

The AIGN promotes the development of Australia’s manufacturing, agricultural and industrial resources by:

  • Providing information, advice and a forum for the analysis and formulation of public policy making on climate change;
  • Consulting with government and other opinion leaders on the adoption of a principled national and international greenhouse policy framework within which effective, equitable, efficient and appropriate domestic greenhouse gas abatement actions are developed and implemented consistent with sustainable development;
  • Contributing to the international climate change debate including through the provision of advice to the Australian delegation to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meetings; and
  • As a network the AIGN interacts with key stakeholders at both political and bureaucratic levels as well as with external think tanks, etc.


AIGN and its members are actively involved in monitoring and participating in deliberations on climate change policy in order to pursue the Network’s object of promoting development of Australia’s industrial resources. AIGN provides a focus for cooperative industry policy responses on key greenhouse issues and plays a facilitating and coordinating role in an industry contribution to key greenhouse policy and abatement measures.

Policy Principles

With the introduction of Direct Action Plan the AIGN has provided members the opportunity to engage with the Clean Energy Regulator and Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (now DIICCSRTE) on implementation and technical issues.


  • Mr Damian Dwyer, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
  • Mr Paul Barrett, Australian Institute of Petroleum
  • Ms Margaret Thomson, Cement Industry Federation
  • Ms Charmaine Tzila Katzel, BP Australia
  • Mr Graham Winkleman, BHP Billiton
  • Mr John Torkington, Chevron Aust Pty Ltd


  • Ms Susie Smith, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms Marion Niederkofler, Senior Policy Officer

  • Industry engagement in the implementation of national climate change and energy policy initiatives, including input into relevant associated policies such as the Renewable Energy Target;
  • Implementation of the Direct Action Plan Carbon Pricing Mechanism, particularly the Emissions Reduction Fund;
  • International negotiations, particularly Australia’s post-2020 emissions target;
  • Emissions projections; and
  • State-based climate change policies.



On behalf of the AIGN Board I am pleased to announce that Susie Smith has been appointed the CE of AIGN and will commence on 6 March.  This follows a comprehensive recruitment process.
Susie is of course well known to all participants in the climate policy debate in Australia having been AIGN’s immediate past Chair and having represented Santos for over 13 years with the Association.  Susie will bring to the position in-depth experience of the issues around the climate policy debate, a great contact list and undoubted passion and commitment to the cause of those industries represented by AIGN.   
Susie will continue to reside in Adelaide but will commute to Canberra on a frequent basis.  The Board is confident that these arrangements along with Marion Niederkofler’s continuation as AIGN’s senior policy officer will ensure the Association remains an effective and on the ground advocate for its members particularly in the context of the 2017 policy review.
As previously advised, Alex Gosman will retire in early April to pursue a life of travel and other activities and will assist Susie in the transition over the next four weeks.

Damian Dwyer
Chair AIGN


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